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4 Libra Season Mood Boosting Tips

Are you looking for some zodiac-inspired mood boosting tips? Here are some of my favourite ideas for anyone with a Libra star sign, or strong Libra zodiac placements…Or simply for all the signs to explore during Libra season!

Image shows colourful collaged butterflies surrounded by stars and zodiac graphics, and reads 'Libra mood boosters'.

1. Seek peace.

Libra strives for peace and harmony, and although this sign does have an especially social energy, people pleasing and keeping peace in the company of others can be so exhausting! Why not set aside some time which is free from drama and strictly easeful - perhaps try going tech-free for an evening, or sink into a guided meditation. Ahh!

2. Make decision-making magic.

Libra can have such a hard time making decisions. Weighing up the pros and cons is a never ending task for Libra, and the FOMO is real, too! Take some of the stress and responsibility out of making your just-for-fun plans by flipping a coin, or taking guidance from a tarot or oracle deck.

3. Spend time with your soul sister.

Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac, thriving in the company of others. Perhaps this is a bit of an obvious mood booster(!) but maybe it’s time to schedule some non-negotiable, truly quality time with someone who brings out the best in you.

4. Nurture your aesthetic.

It's a great time to surround yourself with beauty: Libra is all about the aesthetic. Create a cosy corner in your home filled with objects and visuals that bring you comfort and joy. Libra can so easily get lost in the expectations, needs, and judgements of others, so why not make a little space for yourself - and a visual reminder - that is 100% unapologetically you.