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About Lottie Suki

Left: Graphic designer Lottie Suki in her studio; Right: The Stardust Post indie magazine and postcards


Lottie Suki | Graphic Designer & Magic Maker

Hello, from one tiny speck in the universe to another!

I'm Lottie, a highly qualified and experienced graphic designer, working my magic to create a unique range of paper goods inspired by magic, mystery, and personal growth.

Discover night sky and astrology gifts, moon calendars, celestial art prints and more, all lovingly designed to indulge your sense of wonder.

Inspired by magic, mystery, and personal growth, lots of my products also reflect my own journey of self-discovery, and through these, my mission is to help you too discover, love, and nurture what makes you magical.

It might sound a little cringe, but really: no one else is you!

Lottie Suki Values & Mission | Find Your Magic

Exploring our inner worlds and identities can feel uncomfortable. But what if personal growth could feel like a magical, mystical adventure? What if a full moon, a zodiac sign, a poignant dream or a sparkly crystal could be the magic that eases the discomfort? The sign, the symbol, the non-judgemental mystical anchor that draws us inward, providing a prompt to help us find an answer in any given moment, get to know our truest selves, or gently shape who we are becoming?

Among my greatest creative influences as a designer are the night sky, astrology, psychology, and the natural elements. I enjoy exploring — with a passionate curiosity — how each of these can contribute to our individual personal growth along with our sense of belonging and connection.

Whether that’s through a lunar calendar print that helps you connect with what’s happening in the night sky, a zine that guides you to explore your subconscious through your dreams, a good vibes only crystal print that sets the energy for your space, or a personalised astrology chart that piques your sense of wonder and acts as a catalyst for exploring your personal identity. It’s surprising how even a tiny, strategically-placed crescent moon sticker can catch our eye, remind us of the vastness of the universe, or simply guide us to the present moment!

Find your magic here.

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