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Accurate horoscopes...are they really a thing?

Have you ever wondered how your weekly horoscope can *possibly* be accurate when you share your star sign with 1/12 of the population? Of course you have :) and that’s because sun signs (often referred to as star signs) are just the beginning. In fact, sun signs are often said to represent the person you have the potential to become - who you’re learning to be - not necessarily who you feel you are right now. So if you’ve ever felt like you just don’t particularly identify with your star sign, that’s probably because there are so many other factors at play. For example, the zodiac sign that the moon was sitting in when you were born can tell you lots about your emotional self. Whilst a birth chart alone won't offer you weekly predictions, it will offer you a more accurate insight into yourself and your potential.

Here are my top five areas areas of your birth chart to explore...


Your ascending sign (also known as your rising sign) symbolises how you interact with the world - your presence, your appearance, and how you are perceived outwardly. This is a particularly influential area of your chart, and is thought to ‘flavour’ your character overall.  

North and South Nodes

Your north and south nodes can be found directly opposite one another on your birth chart. The south node is believed to tell you about your past life, or perhaps who you were as a child. As such, it reflects your comfort zone, and can help you identify aspects of your personality that you may have become a little too attached too. On the other hand, your north node placement represents your future potential, and offers guidance to help you recognise key areas for self development.

Sun sign

Your sun sign, although not the ‘be all and end all’ of your astrology, is still an important area to explore. It is said to represent your ego and your core energy, and is another clue as to who you are growing to become.


Exploring the placement of your mid heaven can uncover your career aspirations, your public and professional image, and the traits you respect in others.

Moon sign

Due to its closeness to earth, the moon is a hugely influential part of your birth chart. It is associated with your emotions and inner worlds, and you’re likely to find that its zodiac placement represents who you are when you’re alone.

How do I go about interpreting these areas of my chart?

You can generate a free copy of your birth chart online. The list below the chart itself will tell you which zodiac signs and houses are occupied by these planets, points and celestial objects. A simple Google search on each - for example, 'Moon in Pisces' - will generate lots of insightful material for you to explore.

NB. You might also like to take a look at my super pretty and personalisable Astrology Journal, which will teach you the basics and support you to explore your birth chart intuitively :)