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The Power of Astrology

Astrology is such magic. No matter what your beliefs, interests or experiences, if you feel drawn to astrology, there will undoubtedly be a way to work (or play!) with it that uplifts and supports you. Perhaps you want to better understand yourself, the world around you, or use it as your own spiritual touch-stone: the stars have something for everyone. Below are 8 reasons why I think astrology makes such an immersive, rich and supportive practice for personal growth. If the zodiac is calling you, perhaps you’ll find a starting point here…

1. The Nature ♥︎

Nature just knows what it’s doing, and whether literally or metaphorically, I feel that learning from nature and remembering how to be a part of it again is a huge part of our purpose. Astrology has solid foundations in the natural elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water), in which every zodiac sign and planetary energy is ingrained. Sometimes we forget that we are nature, and if we start to lose those roots, we feel lost and disconnected. Reconnecting with nature is so needed, and for me, astrology is a wonderfully magical path to getting there.

2. The Tangibility ♥︎

Okay, so I guess my subtitle is a little defunct here because I suppose we can’t actually ‘touch’ the night sky - not from here, at least - but most of us can see it or experience it in some way. It’s a constant entity that physically and reliably ‘exists’, dancing above us always, in ways that are both comfortingly predictable and arrestingly awe-inspiring. The moon moves the tides. The sun nourishes the plants. Wherever you are in the world, if you can step outside or simply peek out of the window, there’s an ever-changing, dramatic, mysterious, sparkly landscape unfolding above you. Astrology offers us the opportunity to draw meaning from this very real, physical environment, whilst also offering a stepping stone to the less tangible mystery that lies beyond.

3. The Art ♥︎

Whilst rooted in the physical, there is certainly an art to astrology. I think one of the reasons it can sometimes be seen as such a complex, inaccessible topic is that it can’t be defined precisely, which is something it holds in common with art. There is no exact, faultless meaning to any astrological placement. For example, one astrologer might reside in the image of Saturn as the planet that blocks us, whilst another might focus upon its representation of our physical boundaries. Whilst there is a vast and respected pool of social, cultural and historical knowledge that underpins our common understanding of astrology, this continues to evolve in endless ways, through the eyes of each and any of us curious enough to listen and explore. As with writing poetry, painting, or indeed any other artform, the magic ingredient is your intuition.

4. The Science ♥︎

Whilst I don’t necessarily believe that any modern scientific merit adds more value to astrology, I really enjoy the connections and different perspectives! Carl Jung - the esteemed 20th Century psychiatrist - held a deep respect and appreciation for astrology as a tool for psychological understanding. From a perspective you wouldn’t necessarily expect, Jung frequently immersed himself in astrology, commenting often on its completeness as a map of the human psyche. Jung’s interest is considered to be largely responsible for the more mainstream acceptance of astrology in the 20th century.

5. The Variety ♥︎

As with art, there are many, many ways to practise and interact with astrology. Perhaps, like mine, your personal practice may even be an eclectic blend of many. Within Western astrology alone, there exists a huge array of sub-methods and approaches - ancient, esoteric, mundane, humanist, psychological, and intuitive, to name but a random few. And within each of those, any individual astrologer will have their own approach and ideas. If there wasn’t this variety, astrology would not be the rich, powerful language it is.

6. The Autonomy ♥︎

Astrology is often portrayed as being fatalistic - in other words, as a method of predicting what will happen and you having no say in the matter - but this isn’t a true definition. Broadly speaking, astrology highlights potential, but it does not enforce things upon you. You are never powerless in its midst. It is a playground of possibility, and whilst it can (and does) offer timely guidance and highlight perfect opportunities in the most fantastic and inconceivable ways, you are in control. You can imagine it like a sort of magical, personalised, ever-changing wayfinding sign: it’s ultimately up to you which (if any) direction you take.

7. The Balance ♥︎

There is an overarching theme of balance in astrology which I love. For example, any two opposite signs of the zodiac tend to have contradicting energies. Whilst in a sense they are at odds, they also make one another whole. We need these opposing energies, just in balance. They need to keep one another in check. Take Gemini and Sagittarius, for example. These signs lie opposite one another on the zodiac, and are both underpinned by the theme of learning. Whilst Gemini leans towards a quick-witted curiosity, connecting the dots and skilfully skimming the surface of a variety of ideas and concepts, Sagittarius is a truth seeker, aiming its arrow at the heart of the matter - the message - and getting there through exploring meaning and through deep, experiential learning. Whilst both signs have opposing methods and value different aims - Gemini is zooming out, whilst Sagittarius is zoning in - both of these energies together create a rich wholeness.

8. The Self-discovery ♥︎

I could write forever about the ways in which astrology can support you in discovering and exploring who you are, but for now I’ll just say this: The more you can learn about and get a feel for the zodiac sign archetypes and the planetary energies, the more you’ll see their characteristics reflected in yourself and others. All these little synchronicities have the power to shine a light on opportunities to explore and deepen your understanding of yourself in endless, magical, transformational ways.

Lottie x

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