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Crystal healing & protecting your energy

With my moon in emotionally-extreme Pisces, I’ve always been highly sensitive. The slightest bit of negativity - even if it’s something I’m imagining or not interpreting well - has always had the power to send me spiralling into the darkest depths.

I’ve adopted so many spiritual tools in recent years, and along with meditation, they’ve really helped me to get a handle on it all. I know how to soothe myself after difficult social interactions. I know how to lift myself up. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m much better than I used to be at keeping myself on a positive plane.

My new collection is inspired by the mass of beautiful crystals I’ve gathered over recent years, which are a glittering reminder to stay focused on the positive. Healing properties aside, their hypnotic beauty combined with the fact that they occur naturally is just absolutely mind blowing. Like the wonders of the night sky, they offer a sense of perspective over the often trivial things we allow to consume us.

Crystals are evidence that magic and positivity are all around us. We just need to notice it, appreciate it, and pass it on...over and over.

Sending the glitteriest kind of vibes ♥