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How to Display Art Prints | Tips, Ideas and Frame Recommendations

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to make framing or displaying your new print a breeze, you’ve come to the right place! I’m currently putting together a display in my studio of my own prints, to help me share them with my customers more easily…and let me tell you, I have absolutely zero DIY skill or experience, so these ideas are as easy as it gets!

The display I’m working on could loosely be described as a gallery wall, but it’s quite eclectic in terms of display methods as I wanted to try out lots of different ideas. The ideas I’m sharing below are tailored to what I think works best for the prints that I personally design and sell, but you can absolutely use them to display any prints you have in these sizes :)

I’ll be sharing as I go, starting with A3 prints and including specific frame recommendations, plus easy display tips, frameless display inspo, and advice on gifting a print. I’m planning to add regular updates, so feel free to bookmark this post for future reference..!

Framing A3 Prints

This section is for you if you’re looking to display one of my custom astrology charts, foil lunar calendars, Good Vibes risograph, monochrome dalmatian print or any other A3-sized (420mm x 297mm) print.

A framed black lunar calendar showing the moon phases for 2023 in holographic foil.

1. Skinny Metal Poster Frame 20" x 16" (50cm x 40cm) | £13

A3 Lunar Calendar Art Print in Black | £20.00

I’ve been looking for the perfect frame for my black A3 lunar calendar for a while, and I’m so pleased with this one! It’s available in black, silver or gold. I’ve used the supplied mount which cuts off a little of the print on either side, which does change the proportions slightly, but I’m really happy with it for now.

I’ve bought some brilliant custom mounts from Etsy in the past, so I’ll probably change this mount at some point in the future (in case you'd like to do the same, you'll need to choose the '20x16" for A3' option).

I love that the supplied mount is bright white, too - with some frames I’ve tried for displaying white prints, it looks off when the mount is a slightly different shade. I’m planning to buy another of these frames in silver for the paler version of the calendar - I think it’s going to look so ethereal and lovely! P.S. Flip this frame to portrait to display any of my vertical prints A3 prints :)

Framed foil lunar calendar lit by candlelight.

2. RIBBA Frame, 40x50cm | £

Also available in black and a wood-like finish, I’ve used these trusty IKEA frames a billion times. Be careful if you’re planning to frame a print with a white background though - I still love that white-on-white look, but the provided mount is more of an off-white, so I definitely recommend getting some new mounts cut (unless you’re framing a print with an off white background, but still worth checking how the shades look together!).

A white foil moon calendar print in a floating frame.

3. DIY Floating frame

A3 Lunar Calendar Art Print in White | £20.00

I really like floating frames, but I honestly have so many frames here that I really need to try and make the best of them before bringing more into the house! So, I decided to try and DIY a floating frame by taking two of the above IKEA Ribba frames, and replacing the board backing from one with the ‘glass’ from the other. You can see the clips a little from the back, but personally I don’t mind that. Really pleased with this effect, and it's definitely worth a try if you have spare frames in matching sizes!

Displaying Framed Prints

1. Lean and Layer

Foil lunar calendar art prints leaning against a wall.


Sounds simple - and it is - but I love leaning frames, especially when they’re layered with others. So if you have a sideboard, picture ledge, or other sturdy surface against a wall, this is ridiculously easy and looks super contemporary and effortless. It also makes it SO easy to switch things around every now and again. Just consider the weight of the frame and the surface you’re putting it on…for example, a frame might slip easily if on a smooth, shiny, polished surface. (With lighter frames, I sometimes layer a weighty ornament in front of the frame to stop it slipping.)

2. Mounting with Command Strips

If mounting a frame on a wall with no skill or experience (like me!) there are a couple of things you can try. I’ve used Command strips successfully before, and these are perfect if you live in rented accommodation and/or don’t want to put holes in the wall. Unfortunately they didn’t work for my above framed black lunar calendar however - even the narrow strips weren’t quite narrow enough for this super skinny frame! So I’d suggest saving this method for frames with a chunkier surround.

How to display an A3 print without a frame

Monochrome abstract art print fixed to a white wall with black washi tape.

1. Washi Tape

A3 Abstract Dalmatian Art Print | £15.00

I really enjoy using washi tape to display prints. It looks so effortless and casual but also soooo aesthetically pleasing. I use this in my studio where a moodboard-style look works really well, but it would be perfect for a dorm room or uni halls, or anywhere you’re going for more of a relaxed, arty vibe. Some stick better than others whilst still being easy to remove when you fancy a change. The one I've used above is by mt - it's one of the best I've used and is available in a wide range of colours.


2. Poster Hangers

Poster hangers are so convenient. This bamboo one from Sass & Belle, £8.50, grips the print with magnets. It’s fantastic for lightweight prints, such as my Good Vibes risograph or the dalmatian print. I have used it to display my astrology charts, but as these prints are custom, one of a kind pieces that are a little more precious, I’d recommend something with more protection.

A3 Abstract Dalmatian Art Print | £15.00

This poster hanger (pictured above) has a wing shoe fixing, which is a little more fiddly but I’ve found it can hold a slightly heavier-weight print. I also looove the raw unfinished look of the wood and the industrial hardware.

Gifting A3 prints

A square gift wrapped in black wrapping paper, with a lilac raffia bow.

When you buy an art print as a gift, framing it first can often make it look more polished and easier to wrap. This year, I’ve decided to make my art prints more giftable without a frame. That way it’s less hassle for you, still beautiful to open, and leaves your loved one with the creative autonomy to choose where and how to hang or display it!

Many of my A3 prints are now packaged flat as standard, with a sturdy greyboard backing and corner protectors that tone in nicely with the print you’ve chosen. The print is further protected by the outer packaging, but as it’s flat, it’s easier to wrap.

For my A3 lunar calendars and custom astrology charts, you can also choose to add a presentation tube to your order. This means that your print will be rolled, but in a beautiful tube - add some twine and sparkles and it’s ready to go!

I can also gift wrap your order for you, and this year I’m offering this service free of charge. Simply add this product to your basket along with any of the eligible items listed, and it will arrived beautifully wrapped and ready to gift! Free gift messaging is also available.

A custom gift message is revealed from a black envelope.

Coming soon: Framing and Display Ideas for A4 Prints

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