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Mindfulness & Moon Magic

The moon is such a perfect mindfulness marker. It never fails to amaze me ♥︎

If you’ve tried mindfulness meditation, you’ll definitely have tried letting each breath come and go...and in turn, you might have learned how to let thoughts and feelings come and go, too. Personally I’ve found that it takes practise and it’s never a perfect experience, but under the surface, it works miracles upon our minds.

If you think about it, that cycle of breathing that we engage with in meditation is comparable to how the phases of the moon feel.

Breathing in that crisp, fresh air feels like the fresh start we might feel on the new moon.

Then, we gradually inhale air until our lungs are full - just like the intensity - or ‘fullness’ - we can often feel during a full moon. This is where we begin to let go, and feel a sense of relief and rest - just like the waning crescent phase, when the moon appears to grow smaller and smaller, and we allow ourselves to heal before a new cycle begins.

So, if mindfulness meditation feels like a bit of a struggle, or if you want somewhere really simple to start, I hugely recommend allowing the sight of the moon to remind you to just take a deep breath. Let it be a glittering reminder that whatever you’re going through right now, it will pass, and make way for something new. It’s just a little part of your ever-changing story.

Happy full moon, lovelies! ♥︎