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Scorpio season | Three Mindset-shifting Journal Prompts

Scorpio season inspires us to step outside of our comfort zone, finding ways to experience personal growth and transformation. This zodiac sign is fearless, determined, and passionate. Try these simple ideas to begin manifesting your next level self into being…

1. Let go.

Letting go and releasing the thoughts that no longer serve us is something that takes practice for us all. But the more you often you brave that metaphorical closet and clear just one or two tiny cobwebs - even the mildest irritations - the lighter you'll feel. And over time, the more you let go of, the more space you'll have to let the light in. Try this: Write a list of 3 things you're ready to let go of. They can be mild irritations, habits that aren't serving you anymore, negative self-talk...whatever you like. And the smaller and more specific, the easier it will feel to let go. This simple practice will bring the things you are ready to let go of up to the surface, and get you closer and closer to freeing yourself from them.

2. Pick your poison.

Scorpio is an intense and powerful zodiac sign, with the determination and courage required to reach its most monumental goals. Ask yourself: Where in my life have I felt empowered? Where in my life would I like to feel more powerful? What might that look like?

3. A beautiful, terrible thing

Transformation - and the constant cycle of life and death - is at the core of Scorpio energy. Take some time to reflect on the silver linings and disguised blessings in your life: How have you become who you are right now? Who are you yet to become?