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The moon is (almost) new...and you are *more* than enough

I’ll let you into a little secret. One of my biggest fears in life is becoming bitter. And bitterness undoubtedly comes from sweeping up all of your lovely magic, and burying it deep, deep in the ground.

Sometimes, just to keep me on track, I need to remind myself that I’m doing okay...that I’m enough. *You* are enough. Just as you are. You don’t need to wish you felt differently, hide your truth, or justify yourself to become a more acceptable, worthy, or loveable human being.

In fact, you are not just enough. You are absolutely brimming with beauty and specialness and magic. It can definitely feel uncomfortable to tell yourself that, because to be ‘special’ carries some negative connotations too, like being spoilt, entitled, or arrogant. However, fear of *ever* being associated with these negative traits can sometimes push you into feeling it’s safer to pretend you don’t matter, and that it’s somehow more noble to sit tight and stay small for the comfort of others.

But I think it’s important to remember that whilst none of us is ‘better’ than another, or entitled to more or less of anything, each of us is still incredibly special in our very own way, and we have one hell of a lot of value and uniqueness to offer. Yes, we have to work towards things, and yes, we have lessons to learn...our dreams probably aren’t going to just fall into our laps. But don’t let all that icky ‘special snowflake’ terminology manipulate you into staying small, or restrict you into thinking you have to follow a particular path in life. You have unlimited potential, and it’s your right to decide how you want to be. Stay in your truth, live intentionally, and you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Under Sunday’s new moon is energetically the perfect time to start over. Allow yourself to dream, to reconnect with yourself, and to ponder what you want to happen next. You are your very own universe, and you have so much treasure to find.

What would you commit to bringing into your life this coming month if you weren’t afraid of judgement?