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Using the current moon phase to help you create inner peace and resilience

January often feels fresh and exciting to begin with, and it can be so easy to lose momentum when reality kicks in. We go through phases, just like the moon. Sometimes life feels clear and steady, sometimes it’s all too much. I always notice an air of freshness and clarity when the moon is new, and tend to feel heightened emotions when the moon is at its most full and intense.

Using our beautiful moon as a big, shimmering self care marker is, in my experience, a wonderful reminder to allow these emotions and states of being to rise to the surface regularly, and as a result, just feel at peace with them being there. I’ve lost that feeling of being alone in the irregularity of how I feel. I’ve forgotten about perfection and instead I try to embrace self-care, change and growth. I try, I grow, then forgive and let go. Then do it all over again. Just being aware of the moon phases as they pass has helped me to feel a great deal of inner peace, courage, and more at ease with the cyclical nature of life.

The Moon Phases

Below are some reminders of what each moon phase symbolises, which you can use as journaling prompts to help you live with rhythm and purpose. Be kind to yourself if the new year challenges are starting to set in.

New Moon

What are your intentions for the coming month?


Waxing Crescent

What tiny steps can you take now towards your goals?



First Quarter

Do you feel like you are facing any challenges in relation to your intentions?

Are there any decisions you need to make?



Waxing Gibbous

How are you doing in terms of realising your intentions?

How can you refine your approach?



Full Moon

How effectively have your intentions materialised?

Are there any negative emotions you need to release?



Waning Gibbous

What are you most grateful for this month?



Last Quarter

A great time to release, through meditation, exercise, and decluttering your space.



Waning Crescent

Surrender, rest, and take extra special care of yourself.